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The Ocean Floor Race




Date of race – 4th February 2013 (Meeting organisers at pick up point on 2nd Feb 2013)
Location – Egyptian Western Desert – Specifically The White Desert
Distance – 160 miles
Format – Non stop footrace with entrants being guided by gps.


Main OFR website can be seen at www.oceanfloorrace.com


With a time limit of 4 days to complete this ultra marathon event, entrants will be directed through the Egyptian Western desert and specifically the Egyptian White Desert to check-points every 15 miles, where they will have access to water and their drop bags filled with food.

This is a true test of courage and determination, and undoubtedly one of the most challenging events on the planet.


The race has limited availability (50 places) so please bear this in mind to avoid disappointment.

Enter before 1st Sept 2012 to receive £100 off the entry fee for the 2013 event.

Drop Bags

Before the race begins, entrants will fill personal drop bags with their own personal supplies that they will need at the various check points during the race. This drop bag could contain for example; 1 freeze dried meal / boil in the bag meal, 2 energy bars (non melting), pack of nuts, pack of raisins, some boiled sweets, spare batteries for gps and head torch.

Once the race begins runners will be guided by their gps units to a check point situated 15 miles away. Once in this tented checkpoint competitors have access to hot/cold water, tea, coffee and their pre-packed drop bag. The competitor has the option (depending on ability) to either rest at the check point or to quickly refill their water, collect their drop bag and continue on the route. The clock is always ticking so each competitor must decide how to manage their time themselves. Given the time limit of 96 hours , competitors must complete a minimum of 40 miles each 24 hour period which we feel is very generous for an event like this.

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The Ocean Floor Race” is so called due to the location being covered by the Tethys Ocean over 200 million years ago. Evidence of this is everywhere; ocean floor bedrock has been carved into fantastic shapes by the wind and sand over millions of years. The desert is a wonderland of over-sized mushrooms, kneeling camels, sitting ducks, dessert meringues and towering spires. Literally thousands of rock formations scatter the desert landscape making it an amazingly magical place to navigate through.

The race takes place in the Egyptian western desert which is part of the vast Sahara desert. The route for the race will focus through an area called the White Desert.













The white rock formations are a result of marine life dying and falling to the bottom of the ocean over millions of years resulting in calcium carbonate (chalk) being left behind. Over millions of years this rock is shaped to the formations you see today. These rock formations have been created within the last 125 million years.


To see more details on the event and to enquire about registering as an entrant please go to the event website at www.oceanfloorrace.com